Third-party Car Doors

More than half of the lifts installed in Germany are more than 25 years old. That being said, the car doors are the most heavily used door, since it is involved in every single cycle.

The electronic components of such car doors usually consume considerably more energy than modern systems. Likewise, the mechanical components are also subject to increased wear. The previously common large motors and linkages with heavy weights have long been obsolete technically.

When making gradual repairs, i.e. replacing tracks at one time, then track rollers next time and then a door control unit, the entire system remains the same. In doing so, comfort and especially lack of disruptions frequently fall by the wayside.

The much better and more efficient solution is to completely replace the car door; in such cases, the skate is precisely adapted to the hook lock of the existing landing doors.

All wear parts and spare parts are replaced and the new door is up-to-date and complies with the current state of technology and standards.

If, after some time, it is necessary to replace the landing doors, the skate used for the “old” hook lock can be easily replaced with the current model of the MEILLER door and thus the entire door system will be up-to-date again. 

  • MEILLER offers a wide range of complete car doors with special skates that are compatible with the landing doors of other manufacturers.
  • Currently, there are well over forty different solutions available, the majority also include a locking device that is required by EN 81-20.
  • All car doors designed for third-party manufacturers are equipped with our new MiDrive door drive system.

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