Meiller’s product workshops

Product knowledge leads to greater safety - Meiller’s product workshops “Landing and car doors” for lift installers.

A wide variety of products are used as lift components that become more and more specific depending on the field of application and the latest state of development.
Good product knowledge is thus indispensable for all lift builders who face constant competition.
Especially lift installers, who have to install or service such products on site,
work more efficiently when they are more familiar with the products.

A perfect installation that is carried out effectively and quickly as a result of having good product knowledge is the prerequisite for the constant availability of lifts. In addition, competence in installation, maintenance and service is an important factor of every lift installation company. 

Meiller’s on-site support has been held in high esteem for many years. Initial installation instructions and on-site product training, combined with helpful tips and tricks for installers, have proven to be successful.

To improve and deepen specific product knowledge about lift doors, MEILLER has been offering the corresponding training workshops at its factory for years.

The training workshops focus on:

  • Installation and adjustment of landing doors
  • Service and maintenance of landing doors
  • Installation and adjustment of car doors
  • Setting and adjusting Siemens AT 40 door drive
  • Setting and adjusting car door interlock system

Dates for product workshops in 2024:

Tuesday, 28.05.2024

Wednesday, 29 May 2024

Tuesday, 12 November 2024

Wednesday, 13 November 2024

in Meiller’s factory at Ambossstr. 4 in 80977 Munich.

The participation fee is € 150.00 and includes all training documents and food. Max. 20 participants per workshop. For more information and registration, please contact Anna.Seidel(at)