Vandal-proof lift doors with increased fall protection, which guarantee maximum safety even in heavily frequented lifts

The problem with vandalism in lifts in railway stations is that it affects not only the car equipment but the doors as well. To protect against vandalism, the German Railway Authority (EBA) has laid down very stringent requirements on the design of lift components. There are also corresponding specifications for other European railways.

MEILLER has developed its vandal-proof RAIL® lift doors together with international experts from several European railway operators. These extremely sturdy doors are ideal for use in all public buildings that are frequented by large numbers of people.

MEILLER RAIL® doors are built to withstand constant impact from luggage or similar objects as well as the destructive inclinations of vandals. Suitably equipped lifts continue to function smoothly and reliably in many railway stations in Europe as well as in many underground and urban railway stations in large European cities.

All these features stand for a quick and easy installation, low maintenance, less door faults and a long service life of MEILLER lift doors. And should the need ever arise, the components can be replaced quickly and easily.

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Our products


TTS 25/TTK 25

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STS 26/STK 26

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Type Door version Door width Door height    
TTS/TTK 25 S/K 2 R/L side-opening 2-panel 900 - 1300 mm 2000 - 2300 mm
STS/STK 26 S/K 2 Z centre-opening 2-panel 900 - 1300 mm 2000 - 2300 mm

Intermediate sizes and other dimensions available on request.
Further information about range of dimensions.

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Quality features


The width of the groove for the bottom guide shoes is only 7 mm or can be completely closed (hidden track). Large smooth contact surface for the slide components of the bottom guide shoes. Sill with hidden bottom track: No faults as a result of dirt or ice in the sill area. Fast door panel guide mounted 70 mm deep downwards in the lift shaft - no shearing points when readjusting the car.

Door transom

Closed box section with high section modulus. Transom over the entire length of tracking rail protects the mechanism. Fastening options over the entire width of transom. Formfit connection of tracking rails on both sides. 

Tracking rail

Long service life - use of wear resistant steel. High rigidity through optimised component geometry with great section modulus in the running direction and at 90°. High-quality running surface due to special precision manufacturing process. Low movement noise thanks to the low surface pressure between tracking rail and track roller.

Drive/door control

Low-maintenance, variable speed DC drives integrated into the transom. Easily adjustable travel curves. No independent door movements without a command from the lift control system. Automatic door width determination. No limit switches necessary, since DOOR Open and DOOR Closed positions are automatically recognised. 7-segment display in controller.


For long service life, strength and safety: Low-wear mounting of moving parts, e.g.with rolling or sliding bearings. Optimum force transmission between the locking elements hook lock and latch (no leverage moment). For centre-opening doors, locking is generally not implemented by means of the guide cable, but rather the hook lock, latch and latch retainer. Patented car door locking: Fault-free operation thanks to mechanical operating principle. 

Door panel/guide shoes

MEILLER door panels, depending on the model, comply with all relevant standards. Sturdy door guide shoes with variable adjustment. Sheet thickness at least 1.5 to 2.5 mm. Door panels are guided over the entire width.

Easy to maintain

All components are easily accessible and can be replaced quickly and easily. MEILLER RAIL® doors are available with ScooterGuard® function without any extra charge. (Please refer to page: 175 ff)

Hanger plates

For long service life and high strength: Use of high-quality materials. Easy replaceable wear parts (track rollers/kicking rollers). Sturdy component geometry as continuous plate with stiffening especially on the fast door panel. For optimum positive locking to the tracking rail: two track rollers and kicking rollers per hanger, fitted without play to the tracking rail. Reinforced kicking rollers on the fast door panel, made from steel, with collar. Door panels connected to the door hangers by means of eyebolts for optimum positive locking and infinite adjustability without pins. 


Sheet thickness at least 1.5 to 2.5 mm. Closing weights inside the door frame for constant and controlled closing force.

Track and kicking rollers

Long service life thanks to use of: Maintenance-free roller bearings. High-performance plastics, e.g. cast polyamides. Minimum flattening characteristics. Accurate matching between track rollers and geometry of tracking rail results in low movement noise and long service life.


“Comfort Skate”: Constant form fit and traction between the lift car and landing door during the entire opening and closing process, until the end position is completely reached by the expanding skate kinematics. Both skate brackets move away from each other when opening and towards each other when closing. Galvanised steel skate, low maintenance, high strength, fitted with a skate mechanism on a needle bearing. No faults at the lift due to landing doors not closing fully. High-quality materials for skate bracket and lever mechanisms (galvanised steel, no aluminium injection moulding or plastic). Skate with mechanical car door locking mechanism.




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Quality features