Industrial lifts for heavy and bulky loads must satisfy extreme requirements in terms of ruggedness and availability

In large production facilities, heavy duty lifts are frequently a key component of a production line or a logistics system. These lifts are in constant operation under harsh industrial conditions everyday and any problems occurring in such lift systems frequently lead to production standstills and in turn high costs for the operator. As a result of that, constant availability and trouble-free operation as well as low maintenance costs are of top priority.

The HD HEAVY DUTY® series of MEILLER’s industrial lift doors offer optimum performance and maximum availability, while providing the operator with sustainable benefits.

All these features stand for a quick and easy installation, low maintenance, less door faults and a long service life of MEILLER lift doors. And should the need ever arise, the components can be replaced quickly and easily.

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Our products


TTS 31/TTK 31 HD

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TTS 28/TTK 28 HD

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Type Door version Door width Door height    
TTS/TTK 31 HD S/K 3 R/L HD side-opening 3-panel 700 - 2500 mm 2000 - 4500 mm
TTS/TTK 28 HD S/K 4 Z HD centre-opening 4-panel 1200 - 3200 mm 2000 - 4500 mm
TTS/TTK 32 HD S/K 6 Z HD centre-opening 6-panel 1800 - 4400 mm 1050 - 4500 mm (at segment threshold door width max. 4000 mm)

Intermediate sizes and other dimensions available on request.

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Quality features

Drive/door control

Low-maintenance, variable speed DC drives integrated into the transom. HD.Plus version with dual door drive is available as an option. Easily adjustable travel curves. No independent door movements without a command from the lift control system. Automatic door width determination, no limit switches necessary, since DOOR Open and DOOR Closed positions are automatically recognised. 7-segment display in controller.

Door transom

The doors are generally equipped with a 3 mm thick transom with side plates of sheet steel with zinc magnesium coating. As a result, the transom is very resistant to torsion, allowing it to connect to the landing wall over the entire width of the door.

Tracking rail

The extremely heavy-duty tracking rail, made of 4 mm rolled galvanised sheet steel, is welded along its entire length to form a closed hollow profile. Long service life - use of wear resistant steel. High rigidity through optimised component geometry with great section modulus in the running direction and at 90°. High-quality running surface due to special precision manufacturing process. Low movement noise thanks to the low surface pressure between tracking rail and track roller.

Easy to maintain

Components are easily accessible and can be replaced quickly and easily.

Door panel guide shoes

The door panels are guided over the entire width and can be replaced in case of damage without having to remove the door panel.


For long service life, strength and safety: Low-wear mounting of moving parts, e.g.with rolling or sliding bearings. Optimum force transmission between the locking elements hook lock and latch (no leverage moment). For centre-opening doors, locking is generally not implemented by means of the guide cable, but rather the hook lock, latch and latch retainer.

Door panels

The door panels are of double-skin construction and have a sheet thickness of 1.5 mm. Outside the approved dimensions, the doors are manufactured in compliance with relevant standards. Due to the positive connection between the door panel and the hangers, subsequent pinning is not even necessary.

Hanger plates

For long service life and high strength: Use of high-quality materials, e.g. sheet steel with zinc magnesium coating and easily replaceable wear parts (track rollers/kicking rollers). The fast hanger plates have been adapted for harsh industrial use by increasing the material thickness to 6 mm in the area of the track rollers and kicking rollers. For optimum positive locking to the tracking rail: two track rollers and kicking rollers per hanger, fitted without play to the tracking rail. Door panels connected to the door hangers by means of eyebolts for optimum positive locking and infinite adjustability without pins.


Centre opening doors with twin skate as a standard. The drive power is transferred 
symmetrically to both halves of the door. Complete closing of landing door and controlled locking of hook lock (no residual movement by closing spring or weight), since both skate brackets carry out a relative movement in relation to one another after the car door closes. Support of the moving lever and skate brackets by means of high-quality roller bearings (e.g. double deep groove ball bearings or needle bearings). High-quality materials for skate bracket and lever mechanisms (galvanised steel, no aluminium injection moulding or plastic). Skate with mechanical car door locking mechanism.


The HD product line is generally offered with a solid aluminium sill with dirt holes, which is suitable for wheel loads of up to 7 m. tonnes.

Track rollers

Adapted to the profile of the track, the track rollers are made of a high-grade cast polymer material. This material is distinguished in particular by its outstanding resistance to fatigue and wear, thus ensuring a very long service life. Its excellent durability allows the rollers to be used even under the harshest conditions, while easily withstanding both high and low temperatures as well as severe jolts and impacts. A particular highlight is their ability to resist flattening and thus maintain a considerable degree of true running even after an extended period of standstill under load.

Kicking rollers

The kicking rollers are generally made of steel with collar and can be calibrated to the track via the eccentric. This constitutes an additional retention mechanism.