Doors with extremely low transom height for modernisation

MEILLER Aufzugtüren GmbH has been offering professional solutions for modernisation for many years. As a result, it has developed many concepts, such as car doors with skates, which have been adapted to third-party landing doors or even to its own earlier generations of doors. At the 2017 interlift, MEILLER presented a new product in its line of modernisation solutions: the Kompakt door series.

As a first step, the car doors are replaced; the old landing doors can remain in place for the time being and are actuated by the new car door. Consequently, operators do not immediately have to spend a lot of money to replace all of the landing and car doors but can instead budget and plan at an early stage for a gradual modernisation. If the landing doors have to be replaced later on, no renewed modification measures have to be made to the car door; only the specially modified door vane has to be replaced with a standard skate. 

In addition to that, landing doors are also subject to considerable daily loads due to abuse or vandalism, which in turn lead frequently to lift disruptions or failures. The only remedy in this case is the use of sturdy, resilient components. The use of high-quality components ensures that MEILLER doors work reliably even under the most demanding conditions.

At the 2017 interlift, MEILLER unveiled a new product in its line of modernisation solutions: the Kompakt door series. It is characterised by its extremely low transom heights - only 218 mm for the landing doors and 305 mm for the car doors. This is important, because many old lifts in particular have landing doors with a transom height of 250 mm or less. As long as these doors are hung entirely in the shaft, this is usually not a problem. If they are installed, however, in the wall niche, a replacement with new doors having greater transom heights is not feasible or involves extensive chiselling work.

While many modernisation concepts only promise space-saving solutions, MEILLER states that it strives to deliver high-quality doors with sophisticated technology: The transoms of the Kompakt doors correspond to the design of their standard doors.

They are designed as closed, torsionally rigid box structures that guarantee not only a high degree of sturdiness but also protect the mechanism and the electrical components in the transom from any falling dirt. The galvanised tracking rail, made of a rolled steel profile and welded on the underside, also has a high section modulus for preventing any twisting and flexing. The ball-bearing-mounted track rollers with a diameter of 65 mm from the standard door generation are used.

This is also where the great advantage of the Kompakt series should be evident: All of the parts, which are “below” the transom and have proven their worth over many years,are without exception standard components from the current door generation 3, including even the door frame and door panels with their guide shoes, the sill, etc. This makes it easier for service companies to keep replacement parts in stock, since many components that are already on hand for emergencies can also be used for the Kompakt doors.

At the same time, Kompakt doors are available both as an EvoS version (landing wall installation) and as an EvoN (niche installation) and thus ensure flexible installation solutions for a wide variety of situations. The Kompakt doors are also available with all door panel variations from the standard door generation 3. The sturdy and torsionally rigid door panels made of sheet metal coated with zinc magnesium, which at MEILLER are designed with double skin and all-round welding as standard, can also be clad with stainless steel or made completely of stainless steel.

Customers may also order glass door panels with framing on all sides or fully glazed door panels as an option for the Kompakt series. Kompakt doors are currently available as a two-panel telescopic version with door widths from 700 to 1400 mm and door heights from 2000 mm to 2300 mm as well as a four-panel centre-opening version with door widths from 1000 to 2400 mm and door heights also from 2000 to 2300 mm. A two-panel, centre-opening version is currently being prepared. 

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Type Door version Door width Door height  
TTS 25 S-2-R/L side-opening 700 - 1400 mm 2000 - 2300 mm
TTS 28 S-2/4-Z centre-opening 1000 - 2400 mm 2000 - 2300 mm
TTK 25 K-2-R/L side-opening 700 - 1400 mm 2000 - 2300 mm
TTK 28 K-4-Z centre-opening 1000 - 2400 mm 2000 - 2300 mm

Intermediate sizes and other dimensions available on request.
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