Explosion-proof doors

It is extremely important, especially when it comes to explosion-proof sliding doors, to strictly adhere to existing laws and regulations. The ATEX Directive 2016/34/EU entered into force in April of 2016, creating a revised legal framework that redefines explosion protection in Europe.

As a result, all products that are subject to the ATEX Directive have to be revised and undergo new testing.

MEILLER has revised its range of sliding doors and has adapted its current product line accordingly. Thus, technical solutions are available for Ex zones 2/22 and 1/21.

Depending on the design, these doors can be used in explosive atmospheres of the groups IIA-IIB and IIIA-IIIC, for temperatures between T4 and T6 or for operation in highly sensitive gas atmospheres such as carbon disulphide, carbon monoxide and ethylene oxide.

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