For maximum speeds and maximum lift comfort

Get where you need to be quickly and comfortably: with the development of the high-performance SPEED® door system, MEILLER has succeeded in combining minimum time loss at lift stops, maximum lift door smoothness and extremely low motor and running noise levels.

The new intelligent MiDrive® door drive system offers extraordinary dynamics and speed, which significantly reduces the waiting time in front of a lift when traffic is high. A real plus, especially for heavily frequented buildings. The use of an optional double skate system ensures absolutely synchronous and positive door operation over the entire opening and closing motion -- fast, quiet and absolutely uniform.

The lathe-turned rollers are made of a special cast polyamide and equipped with encapsulated ball bearings, guaranteeing a long service life. The ball bearings of the kicking rollers are coated with a synthetic material (thermoplastic polyurethane TPU) and can be calibrated to ensure precision and positive positioning on the track using the eccentric. The rail comprises a hollow steel profile that is rolled from a 4 mm thick steel strip in a precision manufacturing process and adapted to the contours of the track and kicking rollers – this also lends it a very high section modulus.

The spot-welded door panels are manufactured with a double-skin design in accordance with DIN 18091 or EN 81-58.

The bottom door panel guides with two independent guides (each 100 mm long) optimise the doors’ running characteristics and complete our overall concept. The guide groove in the sill is very narrow, at only 7 mm, resulting a smooth passage and reduced incidence of dirt. Depending on the customer’s requirements, the sill can be made of aluminium, as Gravida®, or as a hidden lower track.

In case of landing doors, the labyrinth panels are arranged circumferentially in order to reduce airflow between the door panels and the frame. The closing edge can be equipped with a rubber sealing lip for designs based on 
 DIN 18091 or with a labyrinth in the door cladding for designs based on EN 81-58.

SPEED® PLUS - Even more comfortable and quieter! 
SPEED® PLUS door panels are filled with mineral wool, which further increases noise and heat insulation. This design is also fire-tested in accordance with EN 81-58, E120.

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Our products


TTS 25/TTK 25

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STS 26/STK 26

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Type Door version Door width Door height    
TTS/TTK 25 S/K 2 R/L side-opening 2-panel 800 - 1500 mm 2000 - 2600 mm
STS/STK 26 S/K 2 Z centre-opening 2-panel 800 - 1500 mm 2000 - 2600 mm
TTS/TTK 28 S/K 4 Z centre-opening 4-panel 1200 - 2500 mm 2000 - 2600 mm

Intermediate sizes and other dimensions available on request.
Further information about range of dimensions.

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Quality features


For passenger lifts, the width of the groove for the bottom guide shoes is only 7 mm or can be completely closed (hidden track). Large smooth contact surface for the slide components of the bottom guide shoes. 

Door transom

Closed box section with high section modulus. Transom over the entire length of tracking rail protects the mechanism. Fastening options over the entire width of transom. 
Formfit connection of tracking rails on both sides. 

Tracking rail

Long service life - use of wear resistant steel. Hollow steel profile, rolled from 4 mm thick steel strip.
High rigidity through optimised component geometry with great section modulus in the running direction and at 90°. High-quality running surface due to special precision manufacturing process. Low movement noise thanks to the low surface pressure between tracking rail and track roller. Subsequent replacement possible (tracking rail as separate component).


Sheet thickness at least 1.5 to 2.5 mm. Closing weights inside the door frame for constant and controlled closing force.


For long service life, strength and safety: Low-wear mounting of moving parts, e.g.with rolling or sliding bearings. Optimum force transmission between the locking elements hook lock and latch (no leverage moment). For centre-opening doors, locking is generally not implemented by means of the guide cable, but rather the hook lock, latch and latch retainer. Patented car door locking: Fault-free operation thanks to mechanical operating principle.

Door panel/guide shoes

Spot-welded door panels, double-skin or all-round framed glass door panels. Closing edge with rubber sealing lip or labyrinth in the door cladding to reduce airflow. 
The door panel is guided over the entire width.

Easy to maintain

All components are easily accessible and can be replaced quickly and easily. 

Hanger plates

For long service life and high strength: Use of high-quality materials. Easy replaceable wear parts (track rollers/kicking rollers). Sturdy component geometry as continuous plate with stiffening and reinforcing especially on the fast door panel. For optimum positive locking to the tracking rail: two track rollers and kicking rollers per hanger, fitted without play to the tracking rail. Door panels connected to the door hangers by means of eyebolts for optimum positive locking and infinite adjustability without pins.

Drive/door control

Non-self-locking DC motor with IP54 protection rating with Siemens AT40 XL door controller. Easily adjustable travel curves. No independent door movements without a command from the lift control system. Automatic door width determination, no limit switches necessary, since DOOR Open and DOOR Closed positions are automatically recognised. 7-segment display in controller.

Track and kicking rollers

Long service life. Accurate matching between track rollers and geometry of tracking rail results in low movement noise and long service life. 


The drive power is distributed symmetrically to both halves of the door using the double skate system and transferred to the landing door. This system ensures an absolutely synchronous and positive door operation over the entire opening and closing motion. Complete closing of landing door and controlled locking of hook lock (no residual movement by closing spring or weight), since both skate brackets carry out a relative movement in relation to one another after the car door closes. Support of the moving levers and skate brackets by means of high-quality roller bearings (e.g. double deep groove ball bearings or needle bearings). High-quality materials for skate bracket and lever mechanisms (galvanised steel, no aluminium injection moulding or plastic). Skate with mechanical car door locking mechanism. 



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