MEILLER swing doors

Swing doors for industrial and heavy-duty lifts with external door hinges and flap lock

DT 38/2, 3, 4

All panels of the DT38/X landing swing doors are locked using MEILLER’s pressure-proof type-tested MKV flap lock on the transom housing.
Even in this line of doors, it is possible to variably select the frames, transom heights and frame widths.

The two-panel, centre-opening DT38/2 swing door equipped with flap lock is available in a heavy-duty industrial design and as a three-panel DT38/3 version in order to maintain a smaller pivoting range for the door panels in the vestibule with the same permissible dimensions. The door is also available in a four-panel version, the DT38/4, to allow for folding the doors onto the side wall. The DT 38/X door line is also available upon request with oversized door dimensions.

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Type Door width Door height
DT 38/2 1000 - 3700 mm 2000 - 4000 mm
DT 38/3 1200 - 3700 mm 2000 - 4000 mm
DT 38/4 1400 - 4000 mm 2000 - 4000 mm

Intermediate sizes and other dimensions available on request.
Further information about range of dimensions.

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Quality features

Structural features

Variable frame dimensions, adaptable interface to car door, removable door panels


100 x 300 with wired glass, window frame made of anodised EV 1 aluminium, removable


Angle profile 60 X 60 X 6 mm

Protection class

Lock flap in IP 67
door contact switch in IP 67

External hinges

  • Adjustable height by approx. ± 3 mm, mounted completely with screws, removable as of approx. 50° (even in niche installations).
  • Third hinge installation possible, clear door width (CDW) attained with opening angle of 90° or more.
  • Clear distance between side frames = CDW + 70 mm,
  • Maximum door panel opening at 180°.
  • Smooth rotational movement of 61 mm thick door panel, (sheet metal 2 mm thick), thanks to slide bushings and washers.
  • 4 mm frame and sill with 50 mm frame depth
  • 6 mm thick sill bracket

This door model is closed using our own in-house development: MEILLER’s MKV flap lock.


Folded sheet steel, 4 mm thick, primed

Locking (optional)

MKV lock flap with single bearing block.11 shortened, roller lever actuation parallel to frame.
Unlocking direction towards door panel, position of roller lever in transom, side selection (right or left from the outside) necessary
Note for actuation with roller lever: Required force min. 60 N at 100% ED and an actuation distance of 35 mm


Aluminium handle, anodised EV1
plastic handle recesses, black

Door panel

Folded sheet steel, 2 mm thick, primed


Wall fastening brackets
Installation manual


The swing door is generally constructed based on DIN 18090 or in accordance with DIN 18090, when the design of the swing door complies with the standard. Other sizes and options subject to inquiry.