High-Speed Door System SPRINT® 4.0i

To achieve maximum transport performance, capacity calculations for modern lift systems take into account not only travel speed but also the shortness of the door opening and closing phases.

It is for this reason that MEILLER has introduced its new high-performance SPRINT® 4.0i door, which has been specially developed for use in systems operating at speeds of in excess of 4 m/sec.

The most distinctive feature of this MEILLER door series is that it is the first to employ rollers of 90 mm in diameter together with kicking rollers of a dia-meter of 35 mm. The large rollers are low-wearing and very smooth running, because they perform approximately two revolutions per door cycle only (with a CDW of 1,100 mm). The high performance MiDrive® door drive enables door speeds of approx. 1.0 m/sec., which translates to an opening time of less than 1.3 seconds for a twopanel centre-opening door (CDW 1,100 mm, CDH2,300 mm).

These high-performance doors are designed for use in conjunction with the tried and tested TM1 – (D)V skate system with the additional designation ‘L’, which denotes the larger clearance distance of the skate brackets between the hook lock rollers. This is now double what it was in the previous version and ensures fast and disturbance-free up and down movement of the car in the shaft.
The spot-welded panels of both car and landing doors are of a double-wall construction, and the landing doors are compliant with DIN 18091 or EN 81-58, E120.

To prevent draughts in the lower area of the door, a kick plate is placed in the middle of the two guide shoes on the outer edges of the door panels. It also prevents whistling noises as the lift travels past closed doors.

To further enhance noise reduction, the door panels can be filled with mineral wool, without this in any way affecting the fire testing certification according to EN 81-58, E 120.


Type Door version Door width Door height    
TTS/TTK 25 S/K-2-R/L side-opening 2-panel 800 - 1400 mm 2000 - 3000 mm
STS/STK 26 S/K-2-Z centre-opening 2-panel 800 - 1400 mm 2000 - 3000 mm
TTS/TTK 28 S/K-4-Z centre-opening 4-panel 1300 - 2400 mm 2000 - 3000 mm

Intermediate sizes and other dimensions available on request.
Further information about range of dimensions.

Quality features

Advantages of the Door Drive

  • Intelligent MiDrive® drive concept
  • Fast and simple commissioning using a smartphone app: just scan the QR code to install individually coordinated drive parameters
  • Demonstrable increase in drive efficiency thanks to extra smooth-running motors
  • CANopen interface as standard
  • Low energy modes Eco and EcoPlus available as standard
  • Sophisticated power management system controls energy consumption
  • Standard servo mode to support opening of large and heavy doors
  • Condition monitoring: lifetime data recorded to supply information on door condition