High-Performance Door System SUPRA®

Worldwide urbanisation is turning space into an increasingly limited commodity. This explains the ongoing trend towards the construction of taller and taller buildings. Not all of these multi-storey structures are purely residential, but their lower floors frequently accommodate businesses, doctor’s surgeries, law firms and the like. And in many cases, the upper storeys contain upmarket flats, apartments and loft residences.

Accordingly, lift facilities are required that can offer an appropriate level of comfort along with excellent performance and quiet operation.

It is for such applications that MEILLER has developed its new series of lift doors - the High-Performance SUPRA® door. They are designed for lift systems with maximum speeds of around 4 m/sec.

SUPRA® doors are characterised by their extremely quiet operation, which is achieved by employing rollers with a diameter of 90 mm. As a result of their dimensions, they only perform about two revolutions per door cycle (with clear door widths of 1100 mm).

They are also highly resistant to wear and extremely quiet in operation. The kicking rollers are flanged and have a diameter of 35 mm for even more enhanced safety.

The car doors of these new, high-performance doors are fitted with the popular TM1-V skate system with the additional ‘L’ designation. The ‘L’ denotes the larger clearance (12 mm) of the skate brackets between the hook lock rollers. As a result, the car travels quickly up and down the shaft, free of any disturbances. In line with the long-established MEILLER standard, the door panels of both the landing and car doors are double-walled and spot-welded for improved sturdiness and torsional rigidity. The landing doors can be supplied in accordance with DIN 18091 or fire-tested in accordance with EN 81-58, E 120.

Glass door panels or sheet metal doors with a vision panel (for firefighter lifts) are naturally also available for the SUPRA® door series. For even better noise reduction, the door panels can be filled with mineral wool padding, without in any way affecting the fire testing certification according to EN 81-58, E 120.


Type Door version Door width Door height    
TTS/TTK 25 S/K-2-R/L side-opening 2-panel 800 - 1400 mm 2000 - 2500 mm
STS/STK 26 S/K-2-Z centre-opening 2-panel 800 - 1400 mm 2000 - 2500 mm
TTS/TTK 28 S/K-4-Z centre-opening 4-panel 1300 - 2400 mm 2000 - 2500 mm

Intermediate sizes and other dimensions available on request.
Further information about range of dimensions.