Repairs made using MEILLER RepKits are both ingenious and simple

In Germany alone, there are approximately 750,000 lifts in operation, the vast majority of which are more than twenty years old. They are naturally subject to wear and tear, which in turn leads to frequent disruptions in service. Moreover, there are many different manufacturer-specific door drives and systems available on the market, and variations can even be found within the manufacturers themselves. One of the most common causes of lift breakdown is landing or car door malfunction. As moving parts that are in regular contact with users,


they are exposed to vandalism, incorrect operation, and increased wear. Most of the trips undertaken in a lift are initiated by car doors. Components of the door drive are subject in such cases to increased wear and tear and thus the associated susceptibility to failure. When a door drive stops functioning properly, it usually happens suddenly and without warning, and then the entire lift is out of order. Top priority is to keep the downtime to a minimum and repair and restore the lift’s functionality as quickly as possible.

  • Delivery of goods within 24 hours after receipt of order (EU area)
  • All RepKits are powered by our new MiDrive system that features all well-known advantages
  • The RepKit is designed so that a single technician can carry out the replacement alone
  • Neat and clearly organised package

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Easy to handle

Clearly organised and easy-to-handle package units

RepKits have been designed to repair or modernise precisely defined, defective car door drives from different manufacturers. They were developed to accommodate the models most frequently encountered on the market. Our RepKits consist of two boxes that contain all the parts needed to replace the defective drive. For instance, if the old drive was equipped with a spreading skate mechanism, then the new repair kit will of course include a corresponding replacement part.

Both boxes are configured using the same logic regardless of the drive being replaced. They also include easy-to-understand instruction manuals, in which every individual part needed in the replacement process is numbered and described. Detailed and accurate diagrams show how to remove the parts that have to be removed from the old drive and how the new parts are put together into assemblies and then are installed on the old transom. To make the process clearer, a short video outlining the repair process can be accessed by scanning the QR code.



Simple installation concept

MEILLER guides the service technician step by step through all the details of the repair process, all the way to the mounting points of the new drive system on the existing car door transom. To this end, the instruction manual also contains a corresponding drilling template that shows with mm precision where each hole is to be drilled.

As you would expect from MEILLER, all products undergo very extensive testing before they are ever released. This means that every model-specific RepKit has been tested thoroughly at MEILLER, successfully completing at least 100,000 door cycles.

All RepKits are designed so that a single technician can carry out the repair alone


MEILLER RepKits are currently available for the most common door drive systems encountered on the market, and the range is constantly being expanded as well.

By doing so, MEILLER provides its customers with a repair kit that can be quickly and easily installed, resulting in a new and future-proof system combined with one of the most modern door drive systems available.

Of course, MEILLER also offers repair kits for its own earlier generations of doors (TG 1 and 2) to facilitate the switch-over to synchronous belt technology equipped with the MiDrive door drive system. There are also kits available for upgrading the old MAT drives to the new technology.

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Intelligent MiDrive concept

  • Quick and simple start-up by using the smartphone app and scanning the QR code to import perfectly configured parameters to the drive
  • Verifiable increase in the efficiency of the drive thanks to operation-optimised motors
  • CANopen interface as standard feature
  • Protection class IP 20 as standard feature
  • Energy-saving modes Eco and EcoPlus as standard feature
  • Adapting energy consumption by using sophisticated energy management
  • Standard servo mode to assist the opening of large and heavy doors
  • Condition monitoring: Lifetime data are logged and provide information about the door’s status

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