Successful increase in capacity at Meiller lift doors


An unexpectedly high number of incoming orders and the associated high utilisation of production capacity led to the delivery times rising to 9-10 weeks throughout 2018. Not an ideal delivery situation from a customer's perspective, as fixed plans would have been drawn up on the basis of the shorter delivery times.

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Landing door frames with integrated lift control

The entire lift control integrated in a door frame? The Munich door manufacturer Meiller Aufzugtüren has been installing controls in the lock frame of telescopic doors for a considerable time.

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Explosion-proof lift doors pursuant to ATEX 2016/34/EU


Since 20 April 2016, a revised legal framework in the form of the ATEX Directive 2016/34/EU has been in place that provides for a new regulation of explosion protection in Europe. The previously applicable directive 94/9/EC has now been superseded by the new guideline.

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Big, bigger, Zenit® Xtreme


A sliding lift door with 8.0 m clear width and 5.0 m clear height? This is now reality, not just wishful thinking. At the beginning of 2019, Meiller Aufzugtüren GmbH, the innovative lift door manufacturer from Munich, introduced the new oversized sliding door Zenit® Xtreme onto the market.

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ZenitXtreme – a new dimension in lift doors

They have been available since the beginning of the year: doors in extra-large dimensions for heavy duty industrial lifts are now available from the lift door specialist Meiller Aufzugtüren GmbH in Munich: ZenitXtreme.

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Lift forums again a great success in 2018


Four component manufacturers well-known in the lift industry: Meiller Aufzugtüren, Algi Hydraulik Systeme, Danfoss, and Kollmorgen Steuerungstechnik once again held a series of lift forums this year. The events were held in Munich at the Meiller company headquarters, Utrecht in Holland (two events) and Cologne, as well as in London and Manchester in England, and Hamburg and Eltville, at the headquarters of Algi Hydraulik Systeme.

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MiDrive – digitalisation is making progress

At interlift 2017, Meiller Aufzugtüren GmbH unveiled its new MiDrive door drive to the world public. This is the beginning of a new chapter and an important new step that has been taken towards a digital future for lift components, according to the Munich Company.

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RepKit: the fast, easy way to repair the car door drive

Most of the approximately 750,000 lifts in Germany are more than twenty years old. They are subject to natural wear and suffer more or less frequent malfunctions. One of the most frequent causes of malfunctions are the landing and car doors. These moving parts are in direct contact with users. Consequently, they are exposed to vandalism and increased wear.

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New Meiller RepKits for repairing car door drives


In Germany alone, there are approximately 750,000 lifts in operation, the vast majority of which are more than twenty years old. They are naturally subject to wear and tear, which means that disturbances to their operation can occur at irregular intervals.

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Doors with extremely low impost heights for modernisation

Meiller Aufzugtüren GmbH has been providing professional solutions for modernisation for many years. For example, many concepts have been developed, such as car doors with catches, which have been adjusted to the landing doors of third-party manufacturers or to its own earlier door generations. Meiller presented a new product in its series of its modernisation solutions at the 2017 interlift: the compact door series.

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