Interlift highlights

MEILLER will once again be presenting a wide range of new lift door products at this year‘s Interlift, along with a number of interesting digital developments. We will present them in four thematic groups: Safety, door drives, modernization and new innovative door systems.

The products on display in the Safety group comprise:

  • FingerGuard® - A safety system that prevents children‘s fingers from becoming trapped
  • ScooterGuard® - Doors designed to reduce the risk of an electric scooter plunging into a lift shaft
  • IndustryGuard® - Heavy-duty doors intended to reduce the risk of heavy electric transporting equipment typically found in industrial locations from falling into a shaft
  • SmokeGuard – Doors fitted with a smoke-proof curtain that seals the door off in the event of a fire

The second group is dedicated to the MiDrive® door actuator and includes the latest version of the app with a new Remote Support menu. The app enables service engineers to communicate WhatsApp-style with MEILLER’s in-house technicians. We will also be giving visitors to our stand a chance to look into the future – with a live communication system that uses data glasses.

In the field of Modernisation, we will be presenting the recently launched RepKits, complete kits that allow quick and simple replacement of defective car door actuators.

We will also be presenting a new product in the form of the variable actuator, which can be operated in spreading, squeezing or fixed mode, offering a wide range of installation and configuration options and enabling the replacement of virtually any third-party door skate.

New innovative door systems:

  • SPRINT 4.0 i®:
    • Especially for high-speed lifts
    • MEILLER MiDrive® door actuator for extremely short opening and closing times
    • Special actuator
    • Cast polyamide rollers with a diameter of 90 mm and encapsulated ball-bearings
    • Heavy-duty door with extremely robust construction
    • Designed especially for use with lifts that operate under rough industrial conditions
    • Clear door dimensions of up to DW 8000 mm and DH 5000 mm
    • Tip: Be sure to bring your smartphone or tablet with you! 
  • PREMIUS®: Four-panel, vertically opening landing and car doors with MiDrive® door actuator
  • Driven landing doors
    • Fully new concept
    • System-F doors for conveyor equipment
    • For inclined lifts
    • For heavy-duty lifts with optical rather than mechanical coupling

Finally, we will also be showing our extra-reinforced, single-panel DT 39/1 swing door, designed to withstand the kind of rough treatment often associated with residential buildings, as well as a complete overview of all the models in the GRAVIDA® door sill generation.

So be sure to come and visit us, and be prepared for a few surprises. We look forward to your visit!