MOD Conc Car Doors

MEILLER modernisation concept for car doors

Modernise car doors simply and efficiently

Lifts are an integral part of our daily lives. And so no new public buildings are planned without a lift. At the same time, there is an immense amount of old stock that urgently needs to be modernised. This primarily concerns the car doors, as they move the most and are therefore subject to the most wear and tear.

The biggest challenge in door modernisation is the infinite number of different door drive systems on the market, which require extensive expertise and many individual solutions to replace them.

MEILLER has developed an ingenious concept for this, which enables quick and simple replacement with a minimum of information about the old door being replaced.

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Regardless of how the old drive looks ...
MOD Konzept
... this is how it will look after modernisation with the MEILLER MOD Concept!
3 skate variants

Individual modernisation with variable solutions

The MEILLER MOD Concept for car doors is designed so that the customer can carry out the modernisation of the car door in stages.

For example, with drive modernisation, the complete transom (door drive, tracking rail, hanger, door contacts, rollers, cables, etc.) is delivered with an attachment kit to the car. In addition, adapter plates are also included to connect the hangers to the remaining door panels.

The skates are delivered pre-adjusted and fit perfectly to the hook locks of the existing landing door. After determining whether the skate is a spreading, clamping or fixed type, only four dimensions are required from the old door skate. These can be recorded by app or dimensioned sheet.

If the door panels are replaced immediately or at a later date, only a few dimensions are required from the existing door panels and the remaining sill in order to manufacture the new door panels with the dimensions of the old ones and to adapt their guide shoes to the remaining sill. All variants can be supplied with or without locking devices or car door interlocks per EN81-20.  Optionally, the door panels can be supplied stainless steel clad, painted or powder-coated. A travelling safety edge is also available on request


Type   Door width Door height
Telescopic, side opening, right 2-panel 600 - 1600 mm 2000 - 2600 mm
Telescopic, side opening, left 2-panel 600 - 1600 mm 2000 - 2600 mm
Centre-opening 2-panel 600 - 1600 mm 2000 - 2600 mm
Telescopic, side opening, right 3-panel 700 - 1600 mm 2000 - 2600 mm
Telescopic, side opening, left 3-panel 700 - 1600 mm 2000 - 2600 mm
Telescopic, centre-opening 4-panel 900 - 2800 mm 2000 - 2600 mm

Intermediate sizes and other dimensions available on request.