MEILLER modernisation concept for landing doors

Individual modernisation with simple solutions

The MEILLER MOD Concept for landing doors is designed such that the frame including sill can remain in principle. The old transom will be stripped of all mechanisms and electrical parts.

The position of the new mechanical unit will be adapted on site in terms of height and depth and joined to the existing door panels by means of adapter plates. A new closing weight connection is provided as well as the adaptation to the existing emergency unlocking system.

If required, the door panels can also be replaced. New door panels can be optionally manufactured individually for the respective situation, just as with the MOD Concept for car doors.

The sill should be retained in any case. A new MEILLER car door will fit this purpose: either just a transom from the MOD Concept or a complete standard door. In each case, with  MEILLER standard TM2-V skate to operate the hook locks of the new mechanism. The new MEILLER MOD Concept - the flexible solution for simple and efficient modernisation of landing doors and car doors.


The modernisation of old landing doors is often time-consuming and cost-intensive, e.g. if the frame and sill have to be replaced and then complex architraves, stone or other landing door portals and new floor connections have to be restored.

This often requires the services of other trades, such as bricklayers, stonemasons, painters, etc., which has a further influence on the scheduling of the project and the modernisation costs. Not to mention the dust and noise pollution for the building's residents.

In general, the existing landing door frames are undamaged and can in most cases be visually renovated with less extensive work, e.g. repainting.

MEILLER has now developed a new concept which is limited to replacing the entire mechanical parts of the landing doors, leaving the existing frame untouched.



Type   Door width Door height
Telescopic, side opening right 2-panel 700 - 1400 mm 1800 - 2600 mm
Telescopic, side opening left 2-panel 700 - 1400 mm 1800 - 2600 mm
Centre-opening 2-panel 700 - 1400 mm 1800 - 2600 mm
Telescopic, centre-opening 4-panel 1200 - 2400 mm 1800 - 2600 mm

Intermediate sizes and other dimensions available on request.